"Save a Memory for me."

Family Portrait Image

Happy Families and special occasion:

In the years to follow, we may come to the realisation that we have lived through the most photographed and least archived generation ever. Technology moves so fast that in a couple of years the devices you are now taking photographs on, will no longer exist. Your treasured photos will be lost to the cloud...That's why it's important to have some proper professional photographs taken, It may be to mark

  • A Holy Communion or Confirmation
  • A special birthday (like Grandma's 80th)
  • A graduation
  • An anniversary
  • A happy family, before they all leave home to go who   knows where
  • Babys Christening Day
  • WElcome the newest member of your family

Andrew Mackin is a specialist in the art of Portrait Photography in Newry. At your home or in his studio, family groups or solo studies, with a subtle use of lighting and composition Andrew captures the life and the soul of every person he photographs. Expertly enlarged and beautifully framed, an Andrew Mackin Portrait is a moment in time.

"A memory you will cherish forever."

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